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My inspiration comes from my journeys through the city. It is the architecture, humble or grand, and its obvious connection to the past, which ignites my curiosity. Our personal histories are anchored in our geography and a snapshot of a particular place can spark strong memories and emotions. I am always amazed at how Art can arouse such responses and I love being part of the process.

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  1. Kathy Jones avatar
    Kathy Jones Oct 14, 2010

    Hi where can I buy the items I saw at the bluecoat? ( Beatles houses in frame) I can’t make the next fair

  2. Karen avatar
    Karen Apr 16, 2011

    Hi Jane I am looking forward to meeting you when you come to Old Christ Church Waterloo Spring fair on Saturday 23rd April. Your work looks amazing and unique and you may even find a new subject in our church as it is a Grade II* listed building. See you next weekend.Karen

  3. jane adams avatar
    jane adams Apr 18, 2011

    Hi karen sounds good see you on Saturday

  4. Anne avatar
    Anne May 9, 2011

    Hi Jane
    I bought one of your ‘20 places Liverpool’ prints from the Neston ‘Crafy Fair’ in February and now want another one as a present for a 21st next month. Do you sell them on line or where can I get one in Wirral?

  5. jane adams avatar
    jane adams May 11, 2011

    Hi Anne

    I’ll be at Frodsham Parish Hall on 21 May, if that’s any good otherwise you can email me and we can arrange a date to meet and drop off.  thanks

  6. Cathy avatar
    Cathy May 29, 2011

    I have always wanted a view from the river, of the “Three Graces” with the Anglican Cathedral in the background. Do you do oil on canvas?

  7. Jessica avatar
    Jessica Jul 29, 2011

    Hello, I purchased two of your prints today (the white star building and the beatles houses) and have just hung the white star building and have sent the beatles one onto my sister - I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with them! I have been on the lookout for a memento of my time spent in Liverpool for the last six years and have never seen any pictures that sum up the beautiful buildings of Liverpool as well as yours! Thankyou! x

  8. Ged avatar
    Ged Aug 1, 2011

    Hi Jane, lovely prints.  You have one listed as Soughton Hall, do you mean Broughton Hall? This looks like the school i went to but was Broughton Hall. regards Ged.

  9. Barbara avatar
    Barbara Aug 6, 2011

    Do you have a print of sacred Heart church, Low Hill Liverpool Thanks

  10. jane adams avatar
    jane adams Aug 11, 2011

    Hi Barbara

    Unfortunately, I haven’t painted that church as yet.


  11. jane adams avatar
    jane adams Aug 11, 2011

    Hi Ged

    This is Soughton Hall in North Wales, now a wedding venue/Hotel.  It may have been a school prior to this


  12. jane adams avatar
    jane adams Aug 11, 2011

    Thanks Jessica.  It’s nice to hear you’ve found something significant you can remember Liverpool by. That’s exactly what I’m hoping to achieve with my paintings


  13. wendy blanchard avatar
    wendy blanchard Nov 8, 2011

    Hello, While visiting my Brit cousins in mid August, I saw your 4 Beatles houses print while waiting to take the ferry to Liverpool.  I was very taken with it and would like to know what the total cost would be (inc. shipping to the USA) if I were to buy three of them. (However, I’m sure they weren’t 25lbs ea. at the time!?)  Looking forward to hearing from you.  Many thanks, Wendy Blanchard

  14. Robbie avatar
    Robbie Apr 25, 2012

    Hi Jane, love your work, I have got to of your art works the four houses of the Beatles and the white star building. Do you intend to do any on the Anglican cathedral, has that would be a must for myself. Thanks Robbie