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Unique gifts and personal mementos

You can commission me to create an exclusive interpretation of your personally significant buildings.

Commemorate your wedding day with a unique painting of your venue.

Perhaps you are looking for an extra special and personal gift for a loved one or friend.

I can create unique interpretations of fond remembered homes, churches, schools and pubs.  Prices start from £80

Email me for a free consultation.


If you wish to pay your deposit, click on the image.  Then click on 'more details', click the 'buy' link and simply follow the instructions.

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  1. billy avatar
    billy Jan 4, 2011

    Hello Jane ,

    Happy new year ,....i recieved one of your works as christmas present , it a work depicting the penny lane wine bar .

    Well have fallen in love with this i was wondering if i sent you a picture of a friends cottage could you do the same magic to it .

    I would need a rough estimate of cost of course to see what we think .

    Best Regards

    Billy Friel

  2. Jan Huntley avatar
    Jan Huntley Feb 17, 2011

    Oh Jane,
    It reminds me of my Wedding day looking at my church over that matelpiece!
    James loved the pictures and we had a wonderful day. Thank you

  3. jane adams avatar
    jane adams Feb 18, 2011

    It’s lovely to hear you had a great day and I’m pleased he loved the pictures great idea for a present and oh yes congratulations!

  4. Kate avatar
    Kate Jun 1, 2011

    Hi, I’m not sure if my last email sent but we’d be interested in seeing if you could do a painting of our wedding venue as well. Its a picture of swinton park hotel and I can send you a photo via email. Thanks for letting me know if this is possible

  5. Claire avatar
    Claire Sep 8, 2011

    Hi Jane, I bought some of your prints a couple of months ago and asked if you had any plans to paint Streatham House in Victoria Road, Blundellsands. If you do please can you let me know as I’d love a print of the old place… Thanks

  6. Sue Doyle avatar
    Sue Doyle Jan 24, 2012

    Hi Jane,I met you at the Leaf cafe last year and really liked your stuff. I wondered if you have a painting yet of the Hope Street Hotel?If not, I would be interested in a commission.Hopefully hear from you soon.Kind Regards Sue

  7. jane adams avatar
    jane adams Jan 26, 2012

    Hi Sue

    thanks for your email.  I don’t have a painting of that particular building as yet but would be hppy to do a commission.  Let me know what you think


  8. Louise Singh avatar
    Louise Singh Mar 31, 2012

    Hi Jane

    I sent you an e-mail a couple of weeks back but not sure if you received it? A close friend is getting married at the London Carriage Works/Hope Street Hotel on 16 June 2012 and id love to give her a picture of the venue as a gift? Have you painted that building already? If not, would you be able to provide a ballpark price for a commission? I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me by phone if you like 07764 582447. Many thanks - Louise x

  9. Gary Orford avatar
    Gary Orford Aug 7, 2012

    Hi Jane, I love your work. I emailed recently about the possibility of an etching of the Leadmill in Sheffield but I’m not sure if it got through as I’ve had no notification. It’s a wedding present for October so if you could get in touch that’d be great. Thanks very much. Gary